"A Black Belt is a White Belt who never quit"


Karate can be one of the most valuable tools a child can have for going through the early stages of elementary school, the pressures of adolescence in middle school, and the important preparations for adulthood through high school.

Excel Martial Arts Kids Karate teaches discipline and confidence that children need to make intelligent decisions. We work with parents on teaching their children the lessons they need to get through the difficult times and achieve more out of life. The emphasis on self defense gives children the confidence to be their own person and not succumb to the peer-pressures that adversely affect so many children these days.

Our students are all treated with respect and are taught to show that same respect to others. We teach children ultimately to handle conflict without violence by training in a safe way that is thought provoking and fun.


Kids KarateBasic Techniques

Our basic blocking and striking techniques emphasize power and precision.  The difference between a beginner and advanced student, is the degree of perfection of these techniques with proper stance and a functional understanding of use.


Our forms begin with basic Japanese hard-style Shotokan forms, then the circular fluid movements of Kenpo (soft/hard), and later the soft, controlled movements of Tai Chi (soft).  we encourage our students to develop and understanding of kata application (bunkai), and to keep an open mind about meaning within the kata.

Self Defense

Combinations- Beginners learn basic block/strike combinations incorporating various techniques, targeting, and control.  As students advance their combinations will combine with other aspects of self defense.  Releases- Students learn basic releases against the most common grabs.  Our emphasis is on escaping without injury to the opponent, but with the skills that allow students to later add locks, takedowns, and strikes.

KidsContent02Locks– Using Japanese Juijitsu, Okinawan Tuite, and Chinese Chin-na, American-Te has developed a simple method for learning effective join locking techniques.  Advance students will learn to flow between locks and to incorporate locks into other training.  Takedowns- Our students learn how to control their opponent to the ground with methods from Judo, Aikido, and Filipino arts.  Advanced students will learn countering techniques and the be able to work takedowns into other training.  Analytical Combat- developed by Tom Sotis, and expanded by Shihan Cody Robyn, analytical combat teaches efficient blocking and striking, and allows the students bridge the gap between self defense and sparring, a gap which is lacking in most styles of training.

Sparring/ Grappling

Students develop control, timing and distancing, while working their skills in the more competitive environment.  Students wear protective gear for safety, but are encouraged to work more aggressively to simulate real-life situations, for more accurate results.